Create a commercially successful fashion collection
GFAIVE AI-Platform gives you instant access to real consumer preferences drawn from Instagram
GFAIVE is a fashion technology company founded in 2021

Our Artificial Intelligence Platform translates real-world images drawn from Instagram into commercial and creative insights for fashion brands, painting a clear picture of future trends and fashion predictions

In this way we help companies compare the future popularity of products by making invisible information, visible. In turn companies gain great competitive advantages which leads to long term sustainability and success.

Product features
Stay up to date with real-time trends and most popular fashion products
Step 1. Trends
Gain access to fashions trends and the latest trending products that reveal authentic reflections of people
Step 2. Favorites
Collect your favorite images to create visual merchandising ideas and lookbooks, that increase sales

Step 3. Forecast
Compare future popularity of new fashion products in a variety of categories
Monitor future product relevance, for timely in-season reordering
Save up to 50% of your time on manual trends search in social media
Ideal for:
  • Fashion designers
  • Buyers
  • Merchandisers
  • Brand Managers
  • Analysts
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