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Create bestselling assortment with Gfaive's one-click technology

Save time on creating the ideal product mix and simulate business outcomes based on assortment decisions.

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Assortment Mix Simulator

For merchandisers who struggle to develop an ideal product mix, we have developed an Assortment Mix Simulator that creates an optimized collection assortment for the next season at the click of a button.

GFAIVE step-by-step

  1. Upload your data to the platform 

  2. Choose dates to plan your future seasons’ assortments

  3. Receive an ideal product mix based on GFAIVE’s prediction model

  4. Download your assortment plan to Excel sheets


Ideal Mix

Explore the suggested assortment plan, specifically developed to maximise your merchandise planning

Past Collection


Create an ideal product mix based on your past season/collection

Category Filter

Discover a perfect mix for each category inside your assortment

Store and Store


Cluster Filter

Generate accurate predictions per store and understand regional merchandise reach per store cluster

Set Flexible Dates

Set a period relevant for your assortment planning

Get Integrated,

IT-ready Results

Upload the assortment plan to Excel spreadsheets

Set KPIs

If needed, optimise suggested product mix by a desired margin, revenue or model count

Compare Results

Study your results, compare with previous performance metrics and get more insights about your assortment planning


Make AI based decisions

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