Escalators in a Shopping Mall

Fashion retailers, e-commerce companies, multi-brand stores and brand suppliers are all GFAIVE clients

Case Studies

Transforming pre-production planning processes

The company had been using its current replenishment system forecasting for in-season stock allocation. Although it was pretty accurate and helpful short term, the company realised that in order to be in the forefront of the industry it was time to take advantage of data and advanced technologies capabilities and transform its pre-production planning processes.

Developing an agile strategy post-pandemic

Retailer known for its outerwear, was used to relying on legacy merchandise planning so when the Covid-19 pandemic happened, its previous year’s benchmarks were no longer valid. The company didn't know how to plan for a post-covid shopping environment. As the market changed, the company realised that traditional analytics and approaches to merchandise planning weren’t applicable anymore and looked to innovate the process.



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