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Churn Prediction

Churn rate is a metric that directly affects a business' profitability. It illustrates the percentage of customers that stopped using your company's product or service during a certain time frame. As it costs more to acquire new customers than retain existing ones, businesses should place churn rate reduction at the forefront of their goals.

Solution Development Process

Implementation Time

2-4 months



Includes a free consultation based on your business case

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AI-powered Churn Prediction Tool Value

Our clients who have integrated the churn prediction tool into their systems have seen the following results:



Increase in churn prediction accuracy



Sales growth


Increase in loyalty program participation



Decrease in churn rate



Key features:

  • allows to ingest and activate customer data in real-time

  • performs a weekly model retraining

  • delivers warnings and notifications about customers at risk of churn

  • offers validated business theories on churn drivers

  • provides a visual tool for marketing and analytical reports



  • maximizes the effectiveness of marketing actions

  • improves customer loyalty and retention programs

  • helps better manage customer relationships

  • allows identifying where in the lifecycle stage customers are likely to churn

  • attains accurate customer profiles


Business Application

Accurate churn prediction has the power to drive profitability across various industries.

E-Commerce & Retail

Allows to strengthen relationships with existing customers and drive brand loyalty.

Marketing & Advertising

Helps develop campaigns with a real understanding of customer journeys, thus increasing the likelihood of customer retention.

Finance & Insurance

Enables the identification of factors contributing to churn in order to resolve underlying issues.

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