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to create optimal collections for next seasons.

Reshaping Fashion Retail through Artificial Intelligence

Smart Fashion 

By leveraging target audience behavioral trends from social media we are able to increase the accuracy of our forecasts for each retailer.

"1% increase in forecast accuracy leads to an increase in revenue of 3%.

- Institute of Demand Forecasting

We are the only platform that corrects sales forecasts based on changes in your consumer preferences. Thus, consistently delivering highly accurate predictions.

New Items Popularity Forecast

Analyze popularity of new 

items based on style trends of brand’s target audience from social media.

Assortment Mix Simulator

Save time on creating the ideal product mix and simulate business outcomes based on assortment decisions.

New Items Sales Forecast

Have a clear picture of the future sales potential of a new item specifically for your brand before even producing or buying it.

Long-Term Sales Forecast

Improve inventory availability for in-demand items and reduce overstock situations.

Daily Assortment Analysis

Take preventive and timely steps to maximize business benefits from your current collection performance.

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