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Customer Experience Personalization

Customer experience personalization is the process of providing your website visitors with individualized content that has been tailored to their specific needs. By leveraging demographics and past behavior information companies can provide products, offers, and content to the right customer at the right time, thus maximizing conversions and increasing revenue.

Solution Development Process

Implementation Time

2-3 months



Includes a free consultation based on your business case

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Value of Customer Experience Personalization

Our clients who have implemented customer experience personalization have seen the following results:



Increase in user engagement



Decrease in bounce rates




Increase in average order value 


Decrease in order returns


Key features:

  • detects new patterns in customer behavior and adjusts content accordingly

  • performs a weekly model retraining 

  • executes real-time, location-specific recommendations

  • offers personalized content based on geography, device, buying/ browsing history, used search terms or allows to manually set personalization parameters.



  • improves product discovery

  • increases average time spent on site 

  • helps maximize marketing efforts

  • boosts order value and revenue generated per customer

  • drives customer loyalty 


Business Application

Customer experience personalization has the power to drive revenue across multiple industries.

E-Commerce & Retail

Helps reduce returns by providing customers with the most relevant recommendations.

Marketing & Advertising

Enables the creation of successful campaigns through individualized communication. 

Finance & Insurance

Allows effective up-selling which results in higher revenues and customer value.

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