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Customer Intelligence

Access customer behavior data gathered from all touchpoints (in-store and online) in one place.

AI-Powered Customer Intelligence Tool Value

Our clients who have integrated the Customer Intelligence tool into their systems have seen the following results:



Increase of

order value


Conversion rate improvement


Sales growth


Decrease in abandoned shopping carts

Key features:

  • Customer lifetime value prediction

  • Churn prediction and prevention recommendations

  • Prediction of most valuable customers

  • Average check and revenue forecasts

  • Factors that influence churn listing



  • Provides a 360-degree customer view

  • Helps make highly informed strategic decisions

  • Prevents churn and nurtures high value customers

  • Supports the creation of personalized marketing campaigns

  • Illustrates what your customers are saying about your brand


Implementation Time

2-4 months



Includes a free consultation based on your business case

Solution Development Process

Dashboard Example

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