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Customer Lifetime Value Prediction

Predicting CLV accurately can become a significant challenge due to the necessity to collect and arrange fractured customer data and establish an efficient method for estimating and predicting the metric. It indicates the future profits each customer is expected to generate, thus allowing to identify valuable customer segments and determine the appropriate costs of customer acquisition and retention.

AI-powered CLV Prediction Tool Value

Our clients who have integrated the CLV prediction tool into their systems have seen the following results:



Increase of

order value


Conversion rate improvement


Sales growth


Decrease in abandoned shopping carts

Key features:

  • allows to ingest and activate customer data in real-time

  • performs a weekly model retraining

  • explores historic and future CLV

  • predicts CLV for both existing and potential customers

  • provides a visual tool for marketing and analytical reports



  • maximizes the effectiveness of marketing actions

  • nurtures customers that create the most value

  • helps better manage customer relationships

  • optimizes resources invested in customer retention and acquisition

  • attains accurate customer profiles


Business Application

Accurate CLV prediction has the power to improve customer management across various industries.

E-Commerce & Retail

Helps identify and nurture high value customers in order to increase order size and the average shopping frequency.

Marketing & Advertising

Allows to adapt marketing campaigns and efforts to each specific customer segment and increase ROAS.

Finance & Insurance

Allows to quickly rank a client base and assess which clients you should be investing most time in.

Solution Development Process

Implementation Time

2-4 months



Includes a free consultation based on your business case

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