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Demand Forecasting

Meet the needs of every customer and know how much stock to have on hand at any given time.

AI-powered Demand Forecasting Tool Value

Our clients who have integrated the demand forecasting tool into their systems have seen the following results:



Reduction in out of stocks


Increase in order taking speed


Decrease of store inventory


Increase of overall forecast accuracy

Key features:

  • Demand forecasting by store, sales channel and product category

  • Predictive demand generated from marketing campaigns

  • Identification of recent trends and seasonality effects on demand



  • Reduces the amount of capital tied up in unneeded inventory

  • Helps capitalize on every sale opportunity by reducing out of stocks

  • Optimizes marketing planning and budgeting

  • Aids in making informed staffing decisions



Includes a free consultation based on your business case


Implementation Time

2-4 months

Solution Development Process

Dashboard Example

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