Frequently asked questions

Should I upload my data or Gfaive integrates into my data system?

We provide cloud services instead of pricey integration. So customers data should be uploaded to our system.

How do I upload my data? Is it difficult?

There are 2 options:
- Upload your data in csv files directly to our platform using our “data loader” tool. It can be done by direct platform users.
- Build a bridge to send us your data automatically. This option requires a little help from your IT team. Both ways are very easy and don’t require much effort nor time resources.

Is my data safe?

All your data will be kept in a secure cloud service and only authorized users from your company will be able to reach it. Apart from technical security we require all our members to sign NDA.

How is your solution better than BI tools?

We specialize in planning and forecasting in fashion retail industry. This makes our platform adopted to the specific business needs and allows our forecasts to be more precise than the competitors’ ones. Moreover, our platform is based not only on your historical sales data but brings you relevant external information from social media and combines it all together.

I use other tools for trends (example WGSM). How is your solution different?

We select external data sources very carefully, considering brand’s target audience, DNA and geography. Then combine internal sales data and external demand data together, to get a precise sales forecast specifically for your brand, not an article.

I can do the same in Excel. Why is your platform better?

Our platform provides you ready-to-use forecasts and frees up your time for really creative tasks, rather than combining different data sources in Excel and spending time for the forecasting. More than that, we offer you endless possibilities to adjust your forecasts meeting your commercial KPIs in one click, finding growth points and effective options for downsizing. All this became possible thanks to incredible progress in Artificial Intelligence in the past few years, making it real to detect and use data connections and dependencies which humans simply can’t see, building trend lines through all the brand’s history. We are glad to deliver these benefits in the fashion industry.

How do I trust calculations made by Machine Learning? How do I understand the logic?

We are open to provide a comparison of our forecasts with your historical data, so you could check them. But the logic we place behind the calculations is a part of our intellectual property and a matter of NDA agreement, this is why we can’t place this information in an open source but will be glad to share with you within free consultation.

Is it expensive?

We have initially developed our platform to be affordable for small and medium size business. While investing small monthly payments you will learn what Business results can be expected.