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Science-based forecasts

GFAIVE’s machine learning technology helps fashion merchandisers avoid expensive mistakes







Our algorithms are a result of neural networks that work to find obvious correlations between data sets that can be used to plan demand more efficiently. Our systems learn to forecast from data sets that are built from users’ own sales performance.


We provide well justified numbers for merchandisers to make a decision. We take away the guesswork but merchandisers are still key for final corrections and adjustments tailored to their company requirements. 


Quick and easy implementation

GFAIVE's SaaS technology is easily integrated into existing IT solutions:


  • simple onboarding process  

  • forecasts can be operational in just a few hours 

  • enable merchandisers to regain 40-50% of their day-to-day workload by cutting out the time spent searching for correlations in sales data manually 

  • start working with a tailored assortment forecast straight away



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