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Marketing Mix Modeling

Determine your key business drivers and the optimal amounts you should be investing across product categories, markets, marketing initiatives and advertising channels.

Solution Development Process

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Value of Marketing Mix Modeling

Our clients who have leveraged marketing mix modeling have seen the following results:



Increase in marketing campaign ROI



Accuracy of predictive consequences of budget changes


Saved by optimizing investments across the marketing mix


Saved on data collection and interpretation by marketers

Key features:

  • Individual contribution by marketing activity

  • ROI by each marketing activity

  • Optimal distribution of investing and budget allocation forecasting

  • Key take-aways on how each part of the marketing mix can be executed better



  • Illustrates the relation between each marketing input and how it contributes to sales

  • Increases ROI of marketing campaigns

  • Helps predict the results of potential budget changes

  • Identifies optimal ways of marketing budget allocation

  • Saves time on data processing


Implementation Time

2-3 months



Includes a free consultation based on your business case

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