Transforming pre-production planning processes

A major footwear and accessories retailer has more than 900 stores in over 300 cities in Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Ukraine.



The company had been using its current replenishment system forecasting for in-season stock

allocation. Although it was pretty accurate and helpful short term, the company realised that in order to be in the forefront of the industry it was time to take advantage of data and advanced technologies capabilities and transform its pre-production planning processes.


This forward-thinking company chose to partner with GFAIVE because of our innovative long term forecasting capabilities. By anticipating future demand, the company was able to accurately place initial allocation that was expected to result in increased in-season operational efficiency and full price sales, including saving costs for reallocation and unnecessary end-of-season marketing activities.

Although reorganising its assortment planning processes was not a priority, the company was very inspired by the effect and potential of prescriptive analytics. They were eager to invest in GFAIVE’s assortment matrix simulator as a next step.


The company expects that by next seasons, GFAIVE analytics platform will be able to:

  • Reduce stock levels by 30% (by eliminating overstock situations beforehand)

  • Increase of overall profit by 0.4% (through reducing out-of-stock situations alone)

  • Increase STR - 5% (by optimising assortment balance)

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