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Use internal and external data to inform merchandising and assortment planning decisions.

GFAIVE's methodology helps fashion brands use big data to inform merchandising and assortment planning decisions such as:

  • Compare and optimize multiple collection scenarios - based on brands’ own KPIs for upcoming seasons

  • Interpret past sales data to predict future bestsellers

  • Learn from the performance of bestsellers and create new benchmarks for better volume control

  • Create new trend-led pieces and forecast collection assortment needs one year ahead

  • Understand future retail models and be prepared for agile change

Assortment Mix Simulator

Create bestselling assortment with GFAIVE's one-click technology

For merchandisers who struggle to develop an ideal product mix, we have developed an Assortment Matrix Simulator that creates an optimized collection assortment for the next season at the click of a button.


Explore the suggested assortment plan, specifically developed to maximise your merchandise planning

Ideal Mix

Create an ideal product mix based on your past season/collection

Past Collection Filter

Discover a perfect mix for each category inside your assortment

Category Filter

Generate accurate predictions per store and understand regional merchandise reach per store cluster

Store and Store Cluster Filter

Set a period relevant for your assortment planning

Set Flexible Dates

Upload the assortment plan to Excel spreadsheets

Get Integrated, IT-ready Results

If needed, optimise suggested product mix by a desired margin, revenue or model count

Set KPIs

Study your results, compare with previous performance metrics and get more insights about your assortment planning

Compare Results

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But that's not all. 
Our assortment mix simulator is enhanced by smart demand forecasts.

Smart Demand Forecast


Download your personal prognosis up to 12 months ahead

We help merchandisers around the world to identify their demand patterns and plan accordingly, exceeding revenue and margin targets and decreasing overstocks.

Predicting demand down to colour, style and size

Advanced Filters

Featuring actual demand and forecast for up to one year in advance

Interactive Chart

Predicting the future for certain price range products with price filter



Choosing to view forecast in either units or local currency

Demand Overview

Downloading your results straight into your own Excel spreadsheets

Spreadsheet Mode

Why use the GFAIVE Demand Forecast tool?

  • No integration needed - a platform-based solution​

  • Complex predictive model developed by GFAIVE captures demand patterns and transforms them into clear results in minutes

  • Smart tech – our precise forecasting software corrects imbalances between historical data and current demand

  • We use external data that illustrates the changing consumer behavior to provide more accurate forecasts

Fashion Designer Studio

The performance of your brand new design with New Models Sales Forecast

New Models Sales Forecast

Predict how your brand new model designs will perform in the new season.

There's no longer any need to guess how well a new design will do. Simply upload a prototype photo and let GFAIVE's neural networks and image recognition technology do its job. Within seconds, you will see a forecast of actual sale units.  

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Predicting sales for model prototypes from photos

Model Forecasts

Forecasting of various scenarios based on price

Scenario Predictions

Comparison Features

Comparison Features

Potential item success can be determined by scanning worldwide Instagram posts

Instagram Scanner