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We enable fashion brands to plan a new season's collection structure based on future customer demand.

Supporting fashion retailers during the pre-production/buying phase. 


New Items Popularity Forecast

New Items Sales Forecast

Assortment Mix Simulator

Long-Term Sales Forecast

Daily Assortment Analysis

Analyze Popularity of New Items Based on Your Target Audience's Style Trends From Social Media 

  • Upload images of new styles.

  • Check the range of new styles based on future consumer trends and compare designs for your new collection.

  • Analyze popularity based on the target audience, trends, and social media.

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Predict Future Sales Potential of New Items Specifically For Your Brand

  • Forecast sales potential of new items before producing or buying them.

  • See how sales will vary based on different price scenarios.

  • Compare designs to choose the best one for your new collection. 

Meet brand's KPIs in an Optimal Way by Creating an Ideal Assortment 

  • Save time on creating and managing the assortment mix by automating the process.

  • Foresee the business outcome of your assortment mix decisions by playing multiple scenarios.

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Boost Sales & Margins, and Avoid Overstocks by Accurate Demand Forecasting 

  • Get a clear view of sales forecasts 12 months ahead on SKU, category, store levels.

  • Improve inventory availability for in-demand items.

  • Get external trends integrated into your brand's SKU forecast.

Maximize Business Benefits From Your Current Collection Performance 

  • Monitor price and discount strategy effectiveness.

  • Track stock levels.

  • See performance analytics by specific attributes.

  • Identify your best products down to store clusters.

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Ideal for:

Brand Owners/ Product Managers

Merchandisers/ Buyers

Business Analysts









When I see a 12-month forecast of my sales, it helps me sleep better. Overstocks are no longer an issue for my team and me, and we can now focus on providing exceptional service to our customers. A huge thanks to Gfaive's team for taking a special approach to our case.

Natalie Sanchez

CEO, Co-founder at AveNew Style

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