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Targeting Most Valuable Customer Segments

In order to drive long-term revenue growth and save valuable time, it is imperative for businesses to focus on promoting to most promising prospects and selling to customers that are likely to buy and re-purchase. Lead scoring is a process that essentially tells you which prospects are worth your time and which are not, enabling you to target your marketing campaigns on most valuable customer segments.  

Solution Development Process

Implementation Time

2-3 months



Includes a free consultation based on your business case

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Value of Targeting Most Valuable Customer Segments

Our clients who have implemented our targeting solution have seen the following results:



Increase in marketing qualified leads



Sales growth




Saved in time spent analyzing leads​



Increase in conversion rate

Key features:

  • auto-scores and re-scores prospects and customers in real-time

  • performs a weekly model retraining 

  • notifies of prospects and leads ready for targeted promotion or follow-up

  • disqualifies dead-end leads

  • allows setting own criteria that makes a qualified lead



  • facilitates sales and marketing alignment

  • eliminates manual labor associated with lead scoring and targeting

  • maximizes the efficiency of sales and marketing teams

  • helps prioritize prospects that are likely to make a purchase

  • allows creating highly targeted campaigns

Business Application

Targeting the most valuable customer segments is essential in every customer-centric industry.

E-Commerce & Retail

Allows to better understand individual customers and prioritize opportunities that are of most value.

Marketing & Advertising

Helps accurately target marketing campaigns by customer segment.

Finance & Insurance

Helps disqualify dead-end leads and save time on prospect and lead scoring.

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