Team Augmentation Services

Tech companies grow fast, needing more and more developers while data scientists and machine learning engineers are consistently topping the lists of the most in-demand jobs. Hiring remote developers from GFAIVE allows you to save time on hiring, significantly cut payroll and development costs while keeping full control over development and code quality.

Choose a Dedicated Team When You:

  • Don't have a data science team

  • Have a team that is busy with other data science projects and can't start another one

  • Need a solution to be customized to your business needs

  • Want to get started within 1 week

Choose Remote Developers When You:

  • Have a data science team that is struggling with a deadline and needs more manpower

  • Are missing someone with a very specific skillset

  • Don't have time to look for a suitable candidate

  • Need to fill a vacancy quickly

Engagement Models

Temporary Employment Contract

  • Only pay for hours worked on T&M basis

  • We cover all expenses like insurance, holiday, and sick pay 

  • Overall payment for the specialist ends up being lower than if you hired them in your country



  • Secure the specialist you want for a specific number of hours each month

  • We guarantee specialists' availability

  • Pay upfront for the anticipated number of hours

Contingent Recruitment Agreement

  • We find the best candidate for your full-time data science or AI vacancy

  • You pay for the successful candidate once, 15% of the annual salary

  • Allows you to save time on recruitment efforts


Our Technical Skills

GFAIVE Benefits

  • Quick access to a skilled, pre-vetted developer

  • Free testing of the candidate

  • No pre-payment, you are charged only for results delivered 

  • Cost reduction as you do not need pay for vacation or insurance

  • Save time on hiring

  • Attractive development rates starting from $65/hour for senior developers

  • English, German or Spanish speaking employees

  • Developers experienced with working in distributed teams and augmented workspace

Contact Us​

 Drop us a line and our team will be happy to provide you with candidates that best suit your needs.

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